In order to establish the range of subjects to be evaluated in this project and the expected accomplishments, the following specifications are outlined:

Energy Source and Forces

Quantify electromagnetic forces through Lorentz’s equations as gravitational architects, collecting energy into inverse square fields.

Define gradients established by these fields, influencing energy speed and direction, with updates occurring at the speed of light (c).

Explore static and dynamic effects of gravity based on the Z0 in situ energy field.

Entropy and Redshift

Measure entropy’s influence on redshift, reflecting successive changes in energy speed during propagation.

Investigate redshift variations as indicators of energy deflections encountered, providing insights into gravitational dynamics.

Analyze transformations and releases of photons and waves at impedance discontinuities, linking measurements of photons to electrons.

Nature of Energy and Gravity

Quantify forces emerging from charge interactions, driving entropy and unifying the vacuum to equalize entropy.

Establish links between attractive forces and gravitational effects through energy density concentrations.

Align quantization of gravity with Planck’s revelation, relating energy content to wavelength.

Energy Speed and Impedance

Define energy speed relative to local impedance, ranging from zero in black holes to the maximum speed of light in a vacuum.

Investigate changes in medium impedance controlling energy speed, contributing to gravity’s dependence on local contours of √μ0/ε0.

Unified Forces and Fields

Formulate a unified concept that integrates gravity with electromagnetic energy, potentially explaining the four fundamental forces.

Study complex impedance structures in near and far fields, influencing attraction and repulsion dynamics.

Polarization, Focusing, Shielding, and Non-Isotropic Fields

Define properties of polarization, focusing, and shielding in the Z0 Universe, recognizing gravity’s characteristics similar to electromagnetic energy.

Propose non-isotropic nature of gravity fields, contrasting conventional views of isotropy in the flow of random energy.


In summary, Theory Z0 offers a quantifiable and unified framework for understanding gravity, providing insights into the interconnectedness of forces and fields across the cosmos. It allows for diverse structures to form, challenging traditional constraints imposed by the Big Bang theory.