Imagine a science that recognizes a difference between the vacuum of space and that in a laboratory on the surface of the earth...

This one small difference would open an entire new perspective in the idea of universal constants. It is on this idea that we present the concept of Charge Admittance. Further, imagine a universe where gravity isn’t a force pulling objects together, but a consequence of energy flow. Charge Admittance, a groundbreaking approach, challenges our understanding of gravity by proposing it as an emergent phenomenon arising from the interplay between fundamental constants. This framework departs from the mass-centric view, interpreting gravity as an energy phenomenon influencing space-energy density.

CA Universe The composite of time energy created reality.

CA Time Time serves as the measuring stick of progress in our cosmic journey.

CA Energy Energy emerges as the cause of action that propels the cosmic narrative.

CA Space Space transcends mere emptiness; it’s the arena where time and energy intertwine.

CA Numbers Like the teeth on cosmic gears, numbers drive the intricate machinery of the universe.

CA History Precedents to Quantum Admittance include those by Einstein and Dicke.

CA Principles Classical physics forms the cornerstone of QA.

CA Working Assumptions The beginning of ideas that make a theory.

CA Postulates The principles applied to Quantum Admittance that shape its unique perspective on the nature of gravity.

CA Requirements Meeting basic physics prerequisites, essential for achieving understanding.