Quantum Admittance departs from traditional models by viewing the universe through the lens of energy flow. Within this framework, structures emerge from a dynamic interplay between fundamental entities:

Time and Space: The playing field for the game of “Universe”

ε0 and μ0 Fields: These ever-present permittivity and permeability fields provide the stage for this energetic dance.

Charges in Motion: The Quantum Components of Energy

Charge and Anti-charge: These fundamental building blocks, constantly interacting, create a foundation for energy fluctuation.

Beyond Mass and Space: A Focus on Energy Properties

Unlike conventional theories that emphasize mass and the curvature of spacetime, QA delves into the inherent characteristics of energy itself. This shift in perspective allows us to explore the universe as a dynamic tapestry woven from energy interactions.

Forces at Work: Attraction and Repulsion

Theory QA posits that the inherent properties of electric and magnetic charges, the building blocks of energy, naturally lead to both attraction and repulsion. These forces play a crucial role in constructing the universe’s grand structures. Their interaction generates Lorentz forces, which act as a cosmic sculptor, gathering energy into the magnificent array of celestial bodies we observe.

Resonance: Dynamic Organization of Energy Structures in Time

QA proposes that energy, in the form of massless photons, aligns instantaneously with the underlying ε0 and μ0 fields as a lattice, This lattice has a local tilt based on energy concentration which influences the rate of energy change, ultimately manifesting as the gravitational force we experience.

This alignment and interaction with the fields become the seeds from which structures blossom. Additionally, the theory explores how specific frequencies of energy waves within the lattice lead to stable structures. Similar to how sound waves can create standing waves in a fixed space, specific energy frequencies might create stable configurations within the fabric of ε0 and μ0.

Harmonics: Energy is Divided or Multiplied

Theory Z0 investigate how the interaction of different harmonic frequencies within the energy structure could influence the properties and complexity of the resulting structures.

Wave Mechanics: Energy Connects in Space

Existing wave mechanics concepts are exploited to describe the behavior of energy waves within the lattice or toroid. Equations for wave propagation, reflection, and interference are adapted to this context.

The Charge Energy Lattice: A Self-Organizing Tapestry

Striving to reconcile Einstein’s assertion that space lacks a means to propagate energy, we embarked on a journey of theoretical exploration, culminating in the conceptualization of the lattice as our primal mechanism.

The dynamic interplay of electric and magnetic fields, coupled with the attractive and repulsive forces between charges, fosters a self-organizing system. This system governs the distribution of charges, striving for equilibrium across impedance gradients. This self-organizing behavior paves the way for the formation of the Y0 “Lattice.”

The Y0 Lattice: Reshaping Our Understanding of Light Propagation

QA challenges the notion of empty space acting as a medium for light propagation. Instead, it proposes the Y0 Lattice as the underlying framework. This lattice, a dynamic network of energy quanta, is not merely passive but actively shapes how light and energy navigate the cosmos.

Mathematical frameworks used for studying crystal structures or other periodic arrangements could potentially be adapted to describe energy lattices.

The Quantum Lattice: A Foundation for Existence

At the heart of QA lies the concept of the quantum lattice. This dynamic network of energy quanta forms the very fabric of reality. It is not a static backdrop but an active participant, orchestrating the cosmic symphony and reflecting the interconnectedness of the universe.

QA posits that energy is the building block of the universe. The structures arising from the interplay of its components and forces make up the cosmos we perceive. The fundamental laws governing these interactions define the rules for existence.

Toroids; Energy in a Closed Loop in Time

QA explores toroids, donut-shaped structures where energy flows in a continuous loop.

Concepts from differential geometry related to toroids are useful in describing the properties and interactions of toroidal energy structures.

Structures: Connection to Mechanisms:

These structures pave the way for the mechanisms explored in the next section. The Y0 Lattice provides the framework for understanding how gravity arises from energy flow.