We are updating our name. The transition from Theory Z0 to Quantum Admittance represents a pivotal shift in our understanding of fundamental principles in physics. While Theory Z0 served as a foundational framework, Quantum Admittance embodies a deeper exploration into the nature of quantum phenomena and their interactions. This transition reflects ongoing refinement and evolution in our theoretical models, necessitating a name change to more accurately capture the essence of the theory. As with any work in progress, we kindly ask for your understanding and patience during this transitional period. Please accept any inconvenience in reading for this period as we strive to advance our understanding of the universe.

Recent Review Reveals a Revolutionary Revision of Relativity

The Question

What is Gravity?

Expanding upon Einstein’s iconic equation E=mc², Theory Z0 puts forth:

Gravity is a Consequence of Energy, Not Mass.

Theory Z0 proposes that space is an emergent property, arising from the dynamic interplay of energy and time. Specifically, the permittivity and permeability, which were discovered by Coulomb and Faraday and are fundamental characteristics of energy, are theorized to constitute energy space itself. This theory posits that a self-generating lattice of quantum charge and flux. These are woven by the movement of energy through time to form the essence of space. In other words, the lattice belongs to the energy, not the other way around. It’s a product of the energy’s existence, not a pre-existing container. This resonates with Einstein’s rejection of a static aether, and aligns with the historical quest to understand the fundamental nature of space. Theory Z0 offers a unique perspective, suggesting that space itself is an intrinsic consequence of a dynamic energy field.

With Theory Z0 the “E” also stands out for its Elegance. Unlike the intricate mathematics of tensor-based models in General Relativity and the Higgs boson theories, it proposes a more intuitive explanation of gravity rooted in the concept of energy flow. Theory Z0 presents a fresh new framework built upon the foundations classical physics that take it into the realm of quantum mechanics.

The Project

Explore this new concept of gravity without mass or space.

This theory centers around the concept of energy playing a fundamental role in establishing the apparent force. The Theory Z0 “Lattice” explains how the properties of energy itself, rather than space, are related to the propagation of light (energy). In the following section you will find:

A focused historical review of the underlying physics.

A review of the currently accepted “State of the Art” in understanding gravity.

A comprehensive explanation of Theory Z0 core principles, including why energy is important and space is not.

Mathematical formulations and technical aspects of the theory.

Detailed discussions on the implications of Theory Z0.

Predictions about gravity and more importantly, the universe at large.


This new theory posits space is scalable with no limits, the universe is ageless, continuously refreshing, and the Big Bang was not required. This new theory is strengthened by LIGO and predicts the findings of the James Webb Space Telescope.

Theory Z0 Predicts a Scalable Universe: This innovative concept proposes a universe without bounds, continually refreshing itself across time and scale.

Reconciling Gravity with Existing Theories: Theory Z0 bridges the gap between gravity and other fundamental forces like electromagnetism, leading to a more unified view of physics

Explaining Fundamental Constants: Theory Z0 elucidates fundamental constants, such as Planck’s constant, by uncovering their underlying roots.

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