Charge Admittance (CA) proposes a revolutionary framework for understanding gravity. It breaks away from the traditional view of gravity solely as a function of mass, instead linking it to the dynamic interplay of energy density and the speed of light. This connection hinges on Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc², highlighting how energy itself can influence gravity.

Charge Admittance implies one simple “tweak” to General Relativity. It uses the mechanism of compression of space by energy to modulate the speed of energy through time rather than GR’s method of using mass to modulate the time it takes energy to travel through space. CA’s mechanism is proven every day by engineers using this ability to tune electrical circuits. General Relativity has never developed any application related to the mechanism it proposes.

CA posits that variations in energy density cause fluctuations in the speed of light, which in turn manifest as gravitational effects. This perspective suggests gravity as an emergent property arising from the distribution of energy in space-time.

Central to CA are the fundamental constants, permittivity (ε₀) and permeability (μ₀) of free space. These aren’t just passive properties, but rather integral to the energy fabric of space-time. CA proposes a possible link between these constants and the Higgs field, hinting at a deeper connection. By incorporating ε₀ and μ₀, CA’s uses a proven, well used, and understood mechanism for how energy density influences the speed of light and, consequently, gravity.

CA meets all of the proofs of General Relativity. Furthermore, it explains how the massless photon is influenced by gravity, which General Relativity cannot do. It predicts an ever-renewing universe instead of a single-event universe, allowing the scale of an ageless and timeless universe with galaxies arising and decaying randomly in the energy-time space.

Furthermore, CA delves into the quantum realm. By leveraging Planck’s equation E=hf, it proposes a quantization of gravity, suggesting a deeper understanding of how it operates at the level of photons and other fundamental energy forms. This focus on energy and its interaction aligns with modern physics and offers a potentially unified framework for understanding the universe.

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Curious about Charge Admittance? Dive into our simplified guide to understand the basics of this revolutionary theory that replaces the higg’s with ε0μ0 fields and explains a mechanism that uses existing physics to fix relativity. Whether you’re new to physics or just want a straightforward explanation, this page is for you.

CA Thesis A Provable Energy Based Mechanism Using Classical Physics Replaces Space-Time Gravity...

Dive into a realm where traditional boundaries of understanding are pushed, and new horizons of knowledge are explored. Charge Admittance (CA) Theory offers a transformative perspective on the fundamental forces that govern our universe. By delving into the dynamic interplay of energy, mass, and charge, CA Theory aims to unravel the deepest mysteries of gravity, quantum mechanics, and beyond. Join us on this scientific journey, where each discovery brings us closer to a unified theory of everything and a deeper comprehension of the cosmos.

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