The inception of this project stemmed from a recognition of disparities between the scientific consensus regarding the constant speed of light and the observed variability engineers encounter when utilizing it to regulate energy flow. Energy Reactivity emerged as an endeavor to explore these disparities, delving into a new conceptual framework rooted in classical physical laws. It turns out this offers an adjustment that may fix the existing theory.

Energy Reactivity is not a theory, it is a “working assumption.” It is being presented as a canvas to write on, for discussion and comparison to other probable candidates. It is presented in to be discredited by experiment or logic, not a theory to be compared against existing dogma, but a framework for exploration and new ideas.

What is Energy Reactivity?

Energy Reactivity (ER) offers a fresh perspective on the universe, viewing it through the lens of energy flow. It reinterprets the equation E = mc² to highlight the significance of energy (E) as E = m (1 / μ0 ε0), suggesting a profound connection between energy and its self-organization.

Drawing upon classical physics, ER presents a novel framework that is both intuitive and applicable across different scales. It proposes that a lattice structure, formed by energy itself, dictates the expansion rate of energy fields and influences fundamental constants such as μ0 (permeability of free space) and ε0 (permittivity of free space).

At its core, ER suggests that space emerges from the dynamic interplay of energy, challenging the static “aether” concept of the past. This lattice is self-forming and inherent to energy, representing a departure from conventional notions.

ER posits that gravity arises from the interaction of energy with time, challenging traditional views of gravity as a fundamental force and offering new insights into cosmic behavior.

This radical perspective implies a profound connection between energy flow and the fabric of reality. It suggests that space is not a static stage but an empty void where energy driven by time unfolds to create a self organizing structure that we call the universe. Moreover, ER is not confined to theory—it offers testable predictions applicable from the smallest energy dipole scales to the grandest cosmic phenomena.