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Duck Duck Go,


Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. – My “Go to” source when starting a new a research thread. Has the basics but is biased (e.g., One important link on an scientific experiment I was following was removed when it fell outside the range of “peer” acceptability). Trust but verify!

Encyclopedia Britannica, – A clean source of pure data. not as detailed as others but a good reference for finding counterpoints.

Bard AI – Reasonable writing, woke, and repetitive. Makes things up when it lacks information or becomes too difficult. A glorified parlor trick.

ChatGPT, OpenAI. – Good for research and writing, Biased, woke. Wordy and argumentative. Good with scripts for programming. It keeps a short record of previous threads or context. A little repetitive. Pontificates, not afraid to give advice even when requested not to do so. Slow. Nosey. May be an information gleaner, beware!

QuillBot, grammar checker. – A real time editor for small documents. Allows you to type quickly and not worry about spelling, punctuation, or syntax. It does a reasonable job at figuring it out and making it pretty for input to AI or, to rephrase, post-AI. Not perfect, but usable. Also has paraphrase capability which is useful when your expressions may not be clear.

Grammarly, grammar checker. – For good grammar check for completed work. Operates in a batch mode. Upload a file and initiate the check. Reliable. Will check on the fly but bothersome and unreliable.


The QA Theory is subject to ongoing study and development. It offers a new perspective on the cosmos and aims to inspire further investigation. The information is based on the author’s expertise and is presented for viewer evaluation.