The project at hand embarks on an exploration of uncharted territory, pushing the boundaries of our current understanding of gravity and its underlying principles.

Purpose: The project aims to uncover gravity’s cause and improve our understanding of the universe.

Background: The author’s background in engineering lays a solid foundation of problem-solving skills and critical thinking, contributing to the project’s approach.

Unique Perspective: The author’s experience and knowledge of actually bending energy and particles firsthand bring fresh insight to this subject. A picture is worth a thousand words. Experience is worth a thousand pictures. Ask any teenage boy.

Approach and Principles: The project adopts a “gentlemen’s skill” approach, respecting existing knowledge and avoiding attempts to disprove or discredit previous theories. It is important to bear in mind that theories emerge when there is no concrete solution.

Commitment to Truth: “In the pursuit of truth, we uphold a guiding principle: any new theory should be built upon the bedrock of verifiable facts, eschewing mere speculation or untestable propositions. The ideas presented here are rigorously assessed based on their ability to add bandwidth to the discussion, serving as a beacon for the search for genuine understanding.

Foundation: The project adopts a null start approach, establishing initial precepts based on the well-established principles of classical physics in their earliest form. It strives to avoid reliance on flawed intermediate paths.

Free Space Environment: This project is designed in a mental free space. There are no limits, poles, or constraints in the range of thinking allowed.

Breaking Free from Constraints: The project dares to break free from the constraints of established knowledge by embracing unconventional paths and taking calculated risks.

Free from previous issues: The project disregards the shortcomings of current theories or remedies. These issues are others’ faults. If the right hypothesis is put forth, they might not exist from our perspective.

Bias: The project acknowledges the potential for biases and takes deliberate measures to mitigate their influence on the exploration.

Agnosticism: The project maintains an agnostic stance, remaining open to exploring diverse possibilities without committing to any single theory.

Occam’s Razor: The project employs Occam’s Razor, valuing the simplest explanation as often the most plausible and effective.

Outliers: The project will be open to the possibility that gravity is an outlier. Current theories don’t neatly describe the simplicity of gravity under classical physics when they could. This may be a problem for some, ignore them.

Language and Symbols: The project appreciates the power of symbols and language, using them purposefully and judiciously to convey its concepts effectively.

Communication: The project is mindful of the language it employs, ensuring its ideas are accessible to those who may not possess expertise in physics.

Visuals: The project understands that visuals are analogies that, while valuable in explaining the idea, are not the idea. They are often used to mislead, such as the trampoline example of gravity that is so popular.

Leadersship: Leadership comes in two forms: those who unite people to work together harmoniously, and those who sow discord, leading people to work against each other – a strategy of “divide and conquer.”

Motivation and Rewards: The project is driven by an insatiable curiosity and a relentless quest for answers to venerable conundrums. The pursuit of knowledge and the satisfaction that results from realizing the intricacy of the cosmos are supplied as inherent advantages.

Money and Discovery: While recognizing the significance of financial considerations in scientific research, the project remains independent of undue financial influence, placing discovery and understanding at the forefront.

The five “C’s:” Curiosity, creativity courage, conviction, and communication go together to make a composite of success.

And Most Important: The exposure of existing science as a money driven cult whose loyalty to the plantation masters is greater than to the truth.

“If not a simulation, our reality might be a carefully crafted illusion to fool the slaves into thinking they are free.” – Rod Mack