Fundamental Essence of Gravity

The project aims to redefine the essence of gravity by grounding it in principles of energy density and electromagnetic (EM) theory. By emphasizing these fundamental principles, the project offers a clear and accessible explanation of gravity, intended for a broad audience.

Focus and Limitations

The primary focus of the project is to address the enigma of gravity, offering an alternative explanation to established theories like general relativity. Detailed discussions involving particles, mass, molecules, or matter are intentionally restricted.

As a result of the success of the authors’ work on gravity, the project has now been expanded to explore the quantum realm to fully understand the structures that support the mechanisms of the universe we exist in.


Notably, the project does not delve into the mysteries associated with alternate approaches, such as “Dark energy” and “Dark matter.” Instead, it offers a unique perspective by sidestepping the creation of such problems in its approach to understanding the universe. This scope stands as a testament to the project’s self-sufficiency in resolving the complexities of gravity without introducing additional enigmas.

Language and Format

In order to ensure broad accessibility, the concepts of the project are presented in written English, minimizing the use of complex formulas and technical jargon. Key concepts might be accompanied by basic formulas or explanations of their significance. The emphasis remains on clarity and comprehension rather than mathematical intricacy.

Future Directions

The project remains under development, with its current iteration focused on addressing the challenge of gravity. Future explorations may extend into unifying forces, particle models, and even the construction of a universe from scratch. However, these potential directions are speculative and require significant research and validation of the core principles before being explored in detail.


The project offers a unique perspective on gravity by redefining its fundamental essence through energy density and electromagnetic (EM) principles.