The log page serves as a comprehensive record of all activities and modifications made to elements within the organization’s website. It provides transparency and accountability by documenting each change, along with its corresponding date. Users can refer to the log page to track the evolution of the website and understand the sequence of events that have occurred over time.

In the Following records, important milestones are highlighted using a Green Bold Typeface. Underlined statements are Links.

06/13/2015 First inclination to do this project

06/13/2017 Move to retirement location complete. Project file opened.

01/22/2021 First Theory Z0 publication as short thesis booklet in a document form. First equation gv = dc/dx

03/15/2021 Addressed issue of redshift as a function of impedance changing amplitude.

11/20/2022 Initiated Website.

03/21/2023 Changed name from Theory Z0 to Z0 Code to remove stigma on new “unproven” theory.

04/14/2023 Changed Home page to be a continuous page of links – an annotated table of contents.

05/07/2023 Added new Mechanism page listing possible parts of a system of energy origination, waves and propagation.

07/21/2023 Added Mathematics page describing initial formulas.

02/15/2024 Added the new thesis page for Theory Z0. Added new “Welcome” page.

03/23/2024 Added new chart for SEEP relationship. Added “Null Start” page. Added new postulate based on SEEP

03/25/2024 Added Ultra Signum page. Added idea on mathematical constants, Added “Possibilities” page.

03/26/2024 Added “charge” to Planck units.

04/02/2024 New insight into quantum dipoles. New “Quanta” thesis posted.

04/19/2024 Added new “Logic” page to the “Results” section.

04/21/2024 This project has now changed emphasis from gravity to quantum: Gravity as a “special” application of Theory Z0 and quantum mechanics as the “General” application. This explores a unified framework for understanding development of the universe.

04/25/2024 Changed Theory Z0 to Quantum Admittance. This to avoid twisting the knickers of those who bless words as “Theory.”

04/27/2024 Added the problems of Dark energy and Dark matter to mysteries as answers are now within the revised scope of the project.

04/29/2024 Constants are not constant, they are limits. Black holes are absolute but where energy slows asymptotic to Zero, Like Kelvin temperature.