Scientific exploration throughout history has provided a deep understanding of gravity. From the observations of early astronomers to the precise measurements of modern instruments like telescopes and particle accelerators, scientists have established fundamental principles governing the universe’s structure and dynamics. These principles, along with groundbreaking theories like General Relativity, form the bedrock for our current understanding of gravity.

This project builds upon this foundation by introducing the concept of Charge Admittance (CA) as a key factor influencing gravity. Data from many various sources provides evidence for this theory. Future sections will delve deeper into this evidence and how it supports the core tenets of CA.

People Key figures, most relevant to understanding gravity, include Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, Planck, and Lorentz.

Apparatus Instruments to study gravity, telescopes, and particle accelerators provide invaluable data.

Experiments Physical tests elucidate scientific phenomena, revealing methodology behind discovery and analysis.

Ruminations Mind experiments – the mental exploration, exemplified by Einstein and Schrödinger.

Formulas Classic equations from Faraday to Einstein synchronize our comprehension of the cosmos.

Effects Pragmatic exploration of nuanced manifestations contributing to our understanding of physics.

Laws Foundational physics understandings outlining key principles such as conservation of energy and thermodynamics.

Theories Chronological exploration of pivotal theories from Aristotle to the Big Bang

Mysteries The unknown that keep you awake at night.

SI Numbers The standards of the universe designed by a committee.

Bamboozles The quicksand of physics. Those ideas whose time has passed.