We explore the concept of “Bandwidth” as a measure of achievement and virtue in life’s processes. Bandwidth, borrowed from communication, represents the combined rate of awareness, decision, and action – a metric that provides insights into the efficacy of life itself. Unlike religious texts or governmental doctrines, Bandwidth offers a common denominator for evaluating teachings, laws, or policies. It serves as a compass, identifying paths that lead to maximum achievement and positive outcomes for all.

Life is the system, bandwidth is the metric: As a measurement of achievement or virtue, “Bandwidth” offers a method of evaluating the of outcome of any of life’s processes. While this does not set out to explain the meaning of life, it aims to make life more fruitful by understanding its systems and structures. Unlike religious texts or governmental constitutions, this work presents a scientific perspective on life’s organization and the possibility of transcending entropy.

This concept is mutually exclusive of, and compatible with other social systems. It does not attempt to replace religions or government but offer a common denominator for evaluating teachings, laws or policies. Like a compass this cannot show all paths or destinations available, but identifies paths offering the maximum achievement.

This concept can be applied not only self but to include life and its related activities on our island as a whole. Life’s organisms are all together in a global environment. Everything one does potentially affects another. The more positive an action one takes the more beneficial to all.


Geneisis “In the beginning….”Unknown to us are the exact origins of the smallest things. How they form is of little consequence as we know they exist and they have attraction to each other. Gradients are formed as a result of the forces of mutual attraction of gravity. Because of these attractions get stronger as things get closer together they form clouds of varying density.

The combination of the forces of gravity and the energy create gradients which organize natural systems. These include groups of interacting bodies such as our solar system.

Because of gravity these objects are in motion – always moving toward a lower energy state. These objects stay in motion until some larger force alters the trajectory. Some trajectories result in collisions. These result in a yet larger objects which become yet larger attractors and targets.

Smaller objects grow until they become of consequence. Some, because they have achieved a certain size and momentum, are never captured but rather caught in an endless spiral of planetary existence. Others continue to grow until the pressure of gravity melds the constituents together creating a furnace of energy. From the dust of left over after the stars were formed. Random accretion formed planets from the spinning concoction.

It is on these islands in the shadow of entropy thermodynamic gradients form with the necessary ingredients to support life.

Conditions for life on these islands is fleeting and the life they support are ephemeral. Science indicates these forces tend toward thermodynamic equilibrium – entropy. In that slow process toward nothingness and chaos. Like a clock with nobody to wind the spring, eventually its time will stop.

On our island, earth, rotation due to earlier random forces of planetary collection, the tides of gravity drive geological processes which form land, mountains and the division land and oceans. The gradients caused by the disparity of thermal characteristics of these divisions are the driving forces in weather systems. The wind and rain from these constantly carve the earths surface. As a result we have constant refinement of surface features by wind and river systems.

The vastness of the universe contains trillions of examples of randomness. At the boundaries between the earths features, the gradients caused by cycles of heating/cooling, tidal pressures, light and dark create a primordial mix of randomness rich in opportunity for development of life.

Regardless of the purpose of life we know for survival it is the responsibility for each life to sustain its self. This begins with a nurturer to host the life until it is able to sustain on its own. Each lifeform has a built in instinctual response designed for that without learning.


Universal Applicability: Bandwidth as a concept is not tied to any particular belief system, making it accessible to a broad audience. People from diverse backgrounds can find value in its simplicity and practicality.

Ethical Guidance: Offering guidelines based on bandwidth can help navigate complex moral and ethical dilemmas in their lives. It can empower individuals to make choices that align with personal strength and contribute positively to the well-being of others.

Personal Growth: Understanding bandwidth serves as a tool for personal growth and self-improvement. It encourages individuals to assess their actions, set higher standards for themselves, and continuously strive for improvement.

Non-Judgmental Approach: Bandwidth does not dictate specific moral absolutes but allows individuals to evaluate their actions and choices objectively. It promotes self-awareness and reflection without imposing guilt or judgment.

Increasing Relevance: As more people seek alternative perspectives beyond traditional religious beliefs, bandwidth principles offer a fresh and modern approach to ethics and personal development.

Bridging Divides: The concept of bandwidth has the potential to bridge ideological and cultural divides by focusing on shared values and the common goal of positive impact.


By exploring the concept of bandwidth, this manifesto provides a framework for survival and understanding systems that facilitate progress. The journey through the history of systems and life’s development offers valuable insights into optimizing our existence and embracing a purpose that goes beyond mere survival. It traces its evolution from a communication term to a universal metric that defines the intelligence and efficacy of every worthwhile activity. Through engaging discussions, real-world examples, and a historical perspective, this idea sheds light on the transformative power of bandwidth in shaping our lives and the accelerating pace of change in our ever-evolving world.