The Designed Solution to an Abstract Problem

Ever wondered what gravity truly is? Why do things fall down? The Charge Admittance (CA) project takes a deep dive into this fundamental force, proposing a radical new way to think about it. Forget just mass causing attraction – CA suggests gravity is all about energy and how it affects the very fabric of space itself.

The Charge Admittance (CA) project is organized into several key sections, each serving a specific purpose in unraveling the mysteries of gravity and energy. Let’s delve into the structure of this project. Here is the roadmap to understanding CA. Each section tackles a different piece of the puzzle:

Note: In these notes you will see reference to “Theory Z0 or Quantum Admittance (QA)”. These were some of the sets of “Working Assumptions,” thus the Z0 or QA reference. I was spanked by the academic gods for thinking I might have an theory out of the Z0 idea. As I refined by understanding, I stopped thinking of “quantum” as a unit or particle definition but rather a limit. I’ll change the name in the notes as the opportunity arises.


Just like any good detective needs tools, CA has its own unique approach We’ll explain the core principles and innovative techniques we use to crack the gravity code.


Here, we delve into the nitty-gritty of how CA works. From a concept called “Null Start” to a special kind of thinking called “morphological thinking,” we’ll show you the steps involved in uncovering new insights about gravity.


Gravity hasn’t always been understood the way it is today. This section takes a trip through time, exploring how our understanding of gravity has evolved over the centuries. We’ll see how the ideas of famous scientists like Newton and Einstein paved the way for CA.

State of the Art

Scientists are constantly learning more about gravity. Here, we’ll see how CA builds upon existing research and experiments, using both classical math and the latest discoveries to re-evaluate how gravity works.


This section examines pivotal concepts, unresolved mysteries, and historical misunderstandings or oversights that have shaped our scientific journey. Through critical reflection and exploration, we navigate the complexities of the cosmos, seeking deeper insights and pushing the boundaries of human understanding.


This is where it all comes together! We’ll explain the fundamental principles of CA, the new way it suggests we think about gravity and energy, and how it challenges traditional ideas.


In our theses we unveil the tangible outcomes and profound insights generated by Charge Admittance. By establishing energy as the cornerstone of quantum gravity, CA offers a groundbreaking framework that reshapes our perception of the universe’s fundamental forces.


New ideas need proof! Here, we’ll see how CA stacks up against existing experiments and observations. We’ll explore predictions, investigations, and evidence that support the validity of CA.


Want to learn even more? The appendix is your one-stop shop for all things CA. We’ll provide a list of research papers, glossaries, and other resources to help you explore the intricacies of Charge Admittance in more detail.