The Z0 Theory explains:

How the quantum universe is self organizing.

Why waves don’t move, they move energy by displacement of quanta.

Observed gravitational waves without necessitating a new force of nature.

What causes the delay between gravity and perihelion at a full eclipse.

How gravity is quantized.

The underlying mechanism of the fine structure constant.

The observed rotation curves of galaxies, a challenge for general relativity without introducing dark matter.

The observed universe size without resorting to expansion or dark energy.

The observed redshift of light from distant galaxies consistent within the context of entropy and thermodynamics.

The Z0 Theory debunks:

The relationship of mass and gravity as being an impossibility if Galileo, Newton, and Einstein are all correct.

The center of mass is the center of attraction.

Why time, an intelligence defined constant, need not be made a variable.

The idea of a perfect vacuum of free space in a quantized universe.

The Z0 Theory has:

Corrected the theory of general relativity by a simple tweak of changing the speed of time to the speed of energy to warp space-time.

Made Planck’s e=hf easier to comprehend by analyzing the frequency in the time domain using Fourier analysis.

Solved the question of the mechanism of gravity and its link to quantization.

The Z0 Theory predicts:

Why JWST is seeing fully developed galaxies at apparent early times.

What LIGO sees as gravity waves traveling at the speed of energy.

The universe might be multiverse.

The Z0 Theory postulates:

The energy in the universe is zero.

The universe can start from nothing.

Like magnetic monopoles. there are no elecrostatic charge monopoles.

It impossible to get to an absolute zero temperature.

The Z0 Theory shows:

Why expansion is not responsible for redshift.

The universe is not expanding.

The Big Bang is a myth.

The Z0 Theory is:

More complete than general relativity.

A new theoretical lens to view the universe through.