The aim of this project is to unravel the longstanding mysteries surrounding gravity and provide a coherent framework for understanding this fundamental force of nature. The project will undertake the following objectives:

Investigation of Existing Ideas

The project will delve into the existing concepts and theories of gravity to identify why a comprehensive and cohesive theory has remained elusive.

Analysis of Interpretations

By examining different interpretations and theories proposed throughout history, the project seeks to determine whether these concepts can be refined or integrated to form a more complete understanding of gravity.

Identification of Knowledge Gaps

Through a comprehensive review, the project aims to pinpoint areas of uncertainty or incomplete understanding in current gravitational theories, paving the way for focused exploration and clarification.

Development of a Cohesive Framework

Building upon insights gained from previous investigations, the project will construct a coherent and logical pathway towards a unified theory of gravity, aiming to provide a foundation for future research endeavors.

Proposal of a Mechanism

Central to the project’s objectives is the formulation of a viable mechanism or system for gravity that is grounded in empirical observations and consistent with the principles of physics.

Communication and Accessibility

Efforts will be made to present the proposed framework in language accessible to both scientists and the general public, facilitating understanding and engagement with new discoveries and observations in the field of gravity.