The postulates presented in The Z0 model offer a fresh and unified framework for comprehending gravity and its underlying principles. Z0 seeks to explain all of the fundamental forces of nature. The following postulates are the basis for the ideas presented in Z0 Theory and its extensions:


There is no boundary.

There is no center.

We observe space is filled with energy, particles, mass and molecules which we observe as light, planets, solar systems, stars, and galaxies.

Space has an impedance that limits the speed of energy propagation through it.

The speed of energy is dependent on ε0μ0, which sets the impedance of free space.

The impedance of free space is the speed at which it is possible to establish magnetic flux fields.

Changes in energy speed occur at impedance inflections according to equation c = 1/√μ0ε0.

Space is “warped” by changes in the speed of energy rather than the speed of time.


As is a man made, intelligence defined, constant.

The value of time is a reference that should me measured against.

Time is unidirectional. It flows from the past to the future.

Time is irreversible. We cannot travel back in time.

Events in time are recorded in their electromagnetic signature which is seen in their serial wave propagation.

The smallest interval that can exist is known “quantum time” on the Planck scale.


The charge is the smallest unit of energy gradient.

Charges are based on a differential not an absolute level.

Charge differentials are seen as attractive – i.e., proclivity to establish equilibrium or net zero (nature abhors a vacuum).

The process of charges balancing is interpreted as repulsion or attraction.

Charges propagate at the speed of energy.

The force of charges MAY propagate instantaneously.

A basic charge is the “Electron” particle.

If you do not isolate a charge, it does not exist — Heisenberg’s law.

The energy carried is determined by the rate of change in the position of this charge relative to the impingement on the measuring impedance conductor.

To isolate a charge, you change its impedance.

To add energy to a system, you must accelerate it; conversely, removing energy from a system decelerates it.

The acceleration of charge drives the intensity of flux seen as EM energy.

The speed of a charge is modulated by the impedance of free space.

An accelerating charge creates a hole in the energy balance in the vacuum of space.

A copy of the reverse charge exists in time, symmetrically around zero.

There are no symmetric charges to the electrons, only holes of charges seen in the mirror of time.

The speed differential of Positive holes propagated is additive to the speed of electrons.

Charge dipoles do not need opposite-value charges, just a difference of value (they are electrically isolated).

The balancing charge to the electron is the antielectron or its absence imprinted in the electromagnetic vacuum.

Magnetic dipoles are a result of charge acceleration which has a start and stop poles. Magnetic monopoles do not exist.


Photons are not fundamental particles, they are a result of accelerating charges.

Photons consist of energy dipoles.

Energy dipoles can be overlaid.

Photon force is coupled only in the near field.

Maximum Energy transfer occurs at resonance.

Photons as ‘particles’ are particles whose magnetic field is open.

Electromagnetic energy (EM)

Electromagnetic energy drives the universe. It controls the size, age and development of all we see contained therein.

The total energy of the universe is conserved.

The total amount of energy in the universe cannot be created or destroyed.

The average EM energy in the universe is zero within 1/2 quantum.

EM dipoles use a charge borrowed from time.

The energy contained in a charge pair is the same regardless of frequency, i.e., Planck’s constant.

The density of the fields is dependent on the wavelength.

Each cycle (photon) has identical energy, thus the longer the wave length the weaker the energy density.

EM energy is made of a charge dipole pair i.e., a photon

EM is the only type of energy that can travel between frames.

EM energy travels at the speed of light.

The speed of energy is variable based on its density.

Energy changes speed at impedance inflections.

At every speed change of energy there are side bands generated.

The speed of energy is regulated by the impedance of free space.

EM is the result of charge pairs (dipole) rotating at a frequency.

EM is in constant motion to reflect changes in energy field density.

Energy as waves, dipoles, or particles is subject to the same forces.

Dipole charge differential cannot be maintained above a frequency where voltage differential causes breakdown.

At energy levels above the frequency of voltage breakdown, the magnetic field is closed to a toroid, and an electron is freed.

There are three spectral states of energy: electromagnetic, particle, and quantum.

Systems that influence the timing of others will cause them to become synchronized in some fashion.

Energy is created as a product of noise.

Energies noise is a artifact of the levels of charge around zero in the energy of the vacuum of the universe.

Energy is initialized at a center starting point.

EM energy appears to exist in two dimensions plus time.

Energy can be stored.

Energy can be borrowed or moved in time.


As vehicles for energy transfer, waves move energy by displacement of charge at the quantum scale.

Electromagnetic wave disturbances are created by an accelerating charge.

Electromagnetic waves are the result of many accelerating charges in phase (resonant).

It is impossible for a single cycle of energy to exist in a wave except where the source is coupled to the load (near field).


Deflection of energy results in changes in energy speed.

Deflection of energy generates sidebands.

Sidebands are generated at the speed change of energy, seen as energy below and above the higher frequency.

Entropy, as a result of these sidebands, is seen as redshift and blueshift.


Equivalent gravity is a function of energy acceleration.

Gravity results from changes in the speed of energy as a function of charge field density.

The energy of gravity is a result of the spin of the photon dipole pairs according to e=hf.

Gravity results from changes in the speed of energy rather than a changing time.

Energy from high energy density origin is redshifted when observed in lower energy density due to impedance differential.


Particles are a result of energy levels reached by the mixing of energy of two or more energy wavelengths.

Particles are created at wavelengths above the frequency voltage breakdown occurs in dipoles (with explained exceptions).

Particles appear to exist in three dimensions without time.


Mass does not change the gravitational constant (gravity flow).

Mass does not affect the rate of fall in the absence of air resistance.


The Z0 Theory relies on a framework of understood or explainable postulates based on space, time, and energy. It has been notoriously difficult to unify these three concepts in a single theory. Z0 Theory is also consistent with classical physics.