In order to keep the concept in a format that can be understood by most people, it is presented in written form in English. It is not the purpose of the Z0 Code to detail all the possible formulas, as they are a different language for a different audience. Where practicable, formulas modeling major concepts will be shown at the most basic or practical level. Diagrams and pictures are left to those who want to add something.

The Z0 Code, as presented, successfully solves the enigma of gravity by redefining its fundamental essence through energy density and electromagnetic (EM) principles. To maintain clarity and accessibility, the concept is communicated in written English, minimizing the use of complex formulas and technical language.

Originally designed with a focus on resolving the gravity puzzle, the Z0 Code intentionally restricts detailed discussions involving particles, mass, molecules, or matter. The aim is to provide a comprehensible foundation for a broad audience, emphasizing fundamental principles rather than delving into intricate particle-level details.

Future explorations may extend into unifying forces, particle models, and the construction of a universe from scratch. However, the current iteration of the Z0 Code is self-contained in addressing the gravity challenge without relying on or confirming other theories.

Notably, the Z0 Code does not delve into the mysteries associated with alternate approaches, such as “Dark energy” and “Dark matter.” Instead, it offers a unique perspective by sidestepping the creation of such problems in its approach to understanding the universe. This scope stands as a testament to the Z0 Code’s self-sufficiency in resolving the complexities of gravity without introducing additional enigmas.